Dear sport friends,

With great pleasure, we are happy to host Olympic Hopes 2022 back in Bratislava.

We work hard, to create National Canoeing and Rowing Centre here in Bratislava at lake Zemník and each year we are getting closer. First step was to have an Olympic course and this happened 6 years ago. Step by step we provide better conditions for the athletes and coaches, not only for their everyday trainings but also for the possibility of organizing top level events starting with Junior European Championships in 2024. And Bratislava has great potential.

Bratislava is situated on the boarder with Austria, Hungary and close to Czech Republic with perfect highway and flight accessibility. Even Zemník is surrounded by nature, it is still close to city center. This location gives it an unique spot for organizing sport events.

Olympic Hopes are an iconic event, all young athletes are focusing on it and we are honoured to be part of it. Also in these difficult times, when nothing is sure and we have to improvise. We believe, the situation will get better and we will organize great event to remember. We do our best, to make it possible.

We look forward to see you in Bratislava and wish you good health and good start to season 2022.

PaedDr. Robert Petriska

PaedDr. Robert Petriska

Vice-President Slovak Canoeing

Ing. Boris Bergendi

Ing. Boris Bergendi

Chairman of organizing committee

Preliminary Booking Form

      Dear Friends, for Oplympics Hopes in Bratislava (8th to 11th September 2022), Preliminary Booking Form is now open. When you fill Preliminary Booking Form, you will receive credentials (login and password) for Nominal Entry. Nominal Entry will be opened in the middle of July and you will be able to add your competitors to the event.

For more information please see Bulletin Olympic Hopes Bratislava 2022,
or use contact form,
or contact person Zora Hujsová at +421 907 987 928,
or email hujsova@canoe.sk.

Olympic Hopes 2022 Bratislava Invitation

      Dear Friends, Olympic Hopes 2022 Bratislava will take place from 8th to 11th September 2022.


# Country
1.     Argentina
2.     Austria
3.     Azerbaijan
4.     Belgium
5.     Brazil
6.     Bulgaria
7.     Canada
8.     Croatia
9.     Cyprus
10.     Czechia
11.     Denmark
12.     Egypt
13.     Estonia
14.     Finland
15.     France
16.     Georgia
17.     Germany
18.     Great Britain
19.     Greece
20.     Hungary
21.     Israel
22.     Italy
23.     Japan
24.     Latvia
25.     Lithuania
26.     Moldova
27.     Netherlands
28.     Poland
29.     Portugal
30.     Romania
31.     Serbia
32.     Singapore
33.     Slovakia
34.     Slovenia
35.     South Africa
36.     Sweden
37.     Switzerland
38.     Türkiye
39.     Ukraine
40.     United States of America